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Cedars brake disc won’t has jitter and noise in braking which makes the braking process be stable. We have 100% of balance inspection by automatic balancer. The Geomet coating treatment in surface which enhanced the adhesion and corrosion resistance performance.

  • Brand: VIVN
  • MOQ: 5 pieces
  • Application Vehicles: Accent/Rio/Senta fe/Elantra/Tucson etc.
  • Reference No.: 58411-1C800; 51712-2T000; 51712-09000 etc.
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    Reference No. Part Name Brand Application Vehicles Position
    58411-1C800 Brake disc HYUNDAI Accent/Maxma/Rio Rear
    51712-1G000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Accent/Maxma/Rio Front
    58411-3J000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Veracruz Rear
    58411-3X300 Brake disc HYUNDAI IX25/Lingdong Rear
    58411-3V500 Brake disc HYUNDAI Sonata 9 (15'') Rear
    51712-2T000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Sonata 9(17'') Front
    51712-2W000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Senta fe Front
    51712-2B700 Brake disc HYUNDAI Senta fe 2010 2.4L Front
    51712-3J000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Veracruz Front
    58411-D3700 Brake Disc-Electronic Handbrake HYUNDAI Tucson 1.6L/2.0L Rear
    58411-D3000 Brake Disc-Mechanical Handbrake HYUNDAI Tucson 1.6L/2.0L Rear
    51712-C1000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Tucson 1.6L/2.0L Front
    58411-38310 Brake disc HYUNDAI Sonata/Optima/Elantra/Cerato Rear
    58411-1H300 Brake disc HYUNDAI IX35/Sportage R 2WD Rear
    51712-26100 Brake disc HYUNDAI Santa Fe Front
    51712-09000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Sonata/Elantra/Cerato Front
    51712-08000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Elantra Front
    58411-29310 Brake disc HYUNDAI Elantra Rear
    51712-0Q100 Brake disc HYUNDAI Yuedong/Forte Front
    51712-2B000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Senta fe 2007 2.7L Front
    58411-2B000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Senta fe 2007 2.7L Rear
    58411-3A300 Brake disc HYUNDAI Tucson/IX35 4WD/Sportage 4WD/Sportage R 4WD Rear
    58411-2W010 Brake disc HYUNDAI Senta fe 2.4L Rear
    58411-2P000 Brake disc HYUNDAI Senta fe 2010 2.4L Rear
    51712-2F100 Brake disc KIA Cerato Front
    58411-2F100 Brake disc KIA Cerato Rear
    58411-0U300 Brake disc KIA/HYUNDAI Verna/K2 Rear
    51712-4V000 Brake disc KIA/HYUNDAI Langdong/IX25/Lingdong/K3 Front
    51712-0U100 Brake disc KIA/HYUNDAI Verna/K2 Front
    51712-2E300 Brake disc KIA/HYUNDAI Tucson/Mistra/Sonata NF/Sonata 8/
    Yuedong/Soul/Forte/K4/K5/Sportage/K3 1.4T
    58411-0Q300 Brake disc KIA/HYUNDAI Yuedong/Langdong/K3/Soul/I30 Rear
    51712-3K160 Brake disc KIA/HYUNDAI IX35/IX25 2.0L 4WD/Sonata NF/K4 1.6T/KX3/Sportage R Front
    58411-39600 Brake disc KIA/HYUNDAI Tucson 2WD/Sportage 2WD/K4/K5/Mistra/Sonata NF/Sonata 8 Rear

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