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Cedars brake pads friction material has the same quality with the OE material formula. The brakes are sensitive in braking and can match with brake components precisely which makes it easier in installation and has better performance in safety.

  • Brand Name:: VIVN
  • MOQ:: 5 pieces
  • Application Vehicles:: Elantra/Tucson/Sonata/IX35/Sorento etc.
  • Reference No.:: 58101-A1A00; 58302-2DA00; 58302-C3A10 etc.
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    Reference No. Part Name Brand Application Vehicles Position Specification Remark
    58101-A1A00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Senta fe/IX45 Front With hole
    58101-2SA50 Brake pads HYUNDAI IX35/Sportage R Front Ceramic D1295
    58101-S6A00 Brake pads HYUNDAI IX35 Front Ceramic
    58302-S6A00 Brake pads HYUNDAI IX35 Rear Ceramic
    58101-08A10 Brake pads HYUNDAI Elantra Front Ceramic D887
    58302-2DA00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Elantra/Cerato Rear Ceramic D464
    58101-3JA00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Veracruz Front Ceramic D1301
    58302-3JA00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Veracruz Rear Ceramic D1302
    58101-C3A20 Brake pads HYUNDAI Sonata 9 Front Ceramic D1815
    58302-C3A10 Brake pads HYUNDAI Sonata 9 Rear Ceramic D1313
    58302-D3A70 Brake pads HYUNDAI Tucson Rear Ceramic D1829
    58101-F9A00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Yuena Front Ceramic D1912
    58302-F9A30 Brake pads HYUNDAI Yuena Rear Ceramic D1813
    58101-F0A00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Lingdong Front Ceramic D1912
    58302-F0A00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Lingdong Rear Ceramic D1813
    58302-2WA00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Sorento/Senta fe 2.4L/3.0L/IX45 Rear A1A00/2PA70
    58101-2WA00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Sorento/Senta fe 2.4L/2.7L/3.0L/IX45 Front A1A00/2BA00/2PA70
    58302-2SA00 Brake pads HYUNDAI IX35/Sportage R/
    Rear 58302-C9A30/58302-0QA00/58302-B3A00
    58302-4VA30 Brake pads HYUNDAI Langdong Rear 58302-4QA00/58302-F9A30
    58302-2EA00 Brake pads HYUNDAI Tucson/Sportage/Sonata/Moinca/Sonata NF/New Sonata NFC/
    Santa Fe/Optima
    Rear 58302-38A20/58302-26A00
    58101-C9A00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI IX25/KX3 Front Ceramic D1397
    58302-C9A30 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI IX25/KX3 Rear Ceramic D1157
    58302-0QA00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Yuedong/Forte/I30/Mistra/K4/IX35/
    Sportage R/Accent/Langdong
    Rear Ceramic D1157
    58101-B5A10 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI K3 Front Ceramic D1593
    58101-B3A00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Mistra/K4 Front Ceramic D1447
    58302-B3A00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Mistra/K4 Rear Ceramic D1157
    58101-0UA00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Verna/K2/Langdong/K3 Front Ceramic D1593
    58101-F8A00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Tucson/KX5 Front Ceramic D1826
    58302-F8A00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Tucson/KX5 Rear 58302-C3A10/58302-F0A00
    58302-4QA00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Sonata 8/K5/Verna/K2 Rear 58302-4VA30/58302-F9A30
    58101-0QA00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Yuedong/Forte/I30/IX25/KX3 Front 58101-C9A00
    58101-2EA21 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Tucson/Sportage/Sonata/Moinca/
    Sonata NF/New Sonata NFC/Optima/Sonata 8/K5
    Front 58101-3KA61/58101-4QA00
    58101-4QA00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Sonata 8/K5 Front 58101-2EA21/58101-3KA61
    58101-4VA00 Brake pads KIA/HYUNDAI Langdong/K3 Front 58101-0UA00/58101-F9A00

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